Let's Go

Aptly named after an action - “Lets Go” - (in Sotho) A Re Yeng is a high-quality, rapid, affordable, safe and convenient public bus service for the City of Tshwane.

Samuel, in collaboration with Thaka Holdings, was commissioned to work on the marketing campaign that would include the designing of billboards, some promotional apparel and a z-cut fold that would be found at their stations.




Inclusive Design


When designing the Z-Cut fold we considered factors that would make the overall look and feel of the flyer more inclusive.

We made sure that the characters on the design were people of colour as this would represent the demographics of the City and the commuters who used the transit system.

We also made sure that font size for the heading and body copy was large enough to be read by the elderly and those that are visually impaired.

Front of the flyer when opened

Back of the flyer when opened

33 Fricker Road, Illovo Boulevard, Illovo